Quest'anno presenteremo piú di 35 workshop con fantastici talentuosi insegnanti internazionali. Impossibile mancare!

ENG We have an amazing group of teachers from Italy and the rest of Europe waiting to share their skills and passion for movement with you! This is a unique chance to meet all these talented people and learn from them!


Valeria & Francesco - Acroseeds


La Semino Family sarà con noi per regalarci nuove ispirazioni, nuovi flow e trick acrobatici. E quest'anno saranno in 4!
Valeria e Francesco entrambi insegnanti Montreal e AcroYoga International & Partner Acrobatics sono amanti delle creazioni più personali, la loro formazione crea un mix di esperienze che variano dalla performance alle arti acrobatiche circensi, Standing acro ed L-base si alternano con ritmo dinamico.
Diffondono l’AcroYoga in Italia ed all’estero e grazie alla loro esperienza contribuiscono alla formazione di nuovi Insegnanti di AcroYoga in Italia.
Entrambi insegnanti di thai Yoga Massage della scuola Sunshine, organizzano ritiri ed Immersion di AcroYoga in Italia ed all’estero.

Acrobatic Yoga Sicily.jpg

Francesca & Luigi - Acrobatic Yoga Sicily


Today we present one of the most Popular couples in the Italian scene, Fra and Luigi of Acrobatic Yoga directly from Sicily. Known and famous for their WIPS and POPS that enchant young and old, first acroyogi to land on national television, thanks to them many people now recognize what is the passion of many of us. Both Acrobatic Partner teachers, travel between Italy and the rest of Europe, enchanting with their performances and their elegance!
They also conduct the Acrobatic Yoga Sicily Convention festival. And we do not let them escape for this edition of WAP!
Photo credit: Ishine Gape & partner-acrobatics.com

kerstin&uwe (c) Richard Griletz.jpg

Kerstin & Uwe (Germany)


This year we are bringing in #newinspiration for the Italian community. First we are proud and happy to present the very talented teachers and performers, Kerstin & Uwe from Germany. They will teach ICARIAN games and Intro to Standing Acrobatics.
They are a Berlin/Graz based acro duo, which performs and teaches together internationally.
Their teaching style is influenced by different things like capoeira, shiatsu and circus arts, which they have practiced in their past.
They have done their first bird together and still enjoy exploring the endless universe of acro together, no matter if L-base or standing acrobatics.

Check out their amazing skills and performance here:


Jeppe Skovgaard (Denmark)


We’re super excited to bring you the chance to practice with this wonderful teacher from Denmark!! He’s one of the most skilled teachers and strongest bases we know and at the same time one of the most grounded and humble. Jeppe is known throughout Europe and the rest of the world as an inspirator and innovator in the acroyoga community and as an internationally renowned yoga teacher. He comes with a strong background from parkour and is constantly experimenting with possibilities in movement and bringing new and different challenges.
He is the founder of the successful community driven festival Move Copenhagen and of the movement and meditation community Rört. www.rort.dk)


Ivan Medici


“My life took a turning point when I encounter Thai Massage many years ago on an adventure journey in Thailand. The experience left so many benefits on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that pushed me to dive deep into this ancient healing art to give and share with others. It is a sacred communication with 2 bodies, a meditation in motion, an art form to awaken the souls and open the heart for both receiver and practitioner. This life passion took me to travel extensively in both Thailand and Europe to study with gifted teachers, learning the static, dynamic and Osteothai approaches. And here I’m so happy to share this passion with you.
During the workshop we will start with a meditation to be present and to open the heart and we will move on soft and mindful touch for the feet, the leg lines and the back, using static and dynamic work to facilitate the pranic flow, following the inner rhythm and the restore balance to connect to our soul."


Åsa Kalyani Rudehill (Sweden)


We’re thrilled to present one of our favorite Yoga and Meditation teachers, the wonderful Åsa Kalyani Rudehill from Sweden. Åsa is a previous dancer and trained in different schools of body work. As a passionate yoga- and Ascension meditation teacher as well as a psychologist she loves to empower others to find their fullest expression and peace within. She is amazed by how the body's movement can evoke so much power, freedom and joy in life.

Ales Tanja

Tanja and Ales (Akrojoga Slovenia)


For the first time, WAP will have teachers from S-LOVE-NIA! Right now they're in Spain teaching at the Partner Acrobatics Intensive! We can't wait! This couple is collectors of crazy washing machines and very skilled in a variety of different entries into both lying and standing F2H, H2H and rH2H (it might sound like dangerous chemical components, but they are actually ingredients for amazingly fun acro - come and learn!) 

Their skills also include WHIPS, POPS and ICARIAN acro. With a broad knowledge and a long experience, they are great at adapting classes for students at different levels and to help upgrade their acro skills. Their focus for the festival is on technique and their workshops will be very accessible to lady-bases and same size partners.
 VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSfCeCVPR-M&t=9s

Katia & Ale

Katia & Ale (Roma)


After many years, dedicated to training in different disciplines, martial arts, theater / dance and acrobatics, Katia & Ale have found their way in Yoga in all its forms. Both are certified teachers of Integral Yoga / Anukalana and have made teaching a way of life. They practice and teach different styles of Yoga in their center in Rome and for some years they've been passionate teachers of Acroyoga California and Montreal styles. When they hit their best, they manage to create real magic and to teach with passion the various forms of Acroyoga. From the most acrobatic to the most meditative and therapeutic.www.jayoga.it

Cristina Vittoria Balcerek


”I'm Cristina Vittoria Balcerek (@chiccabalcerek) from Italy, I've been doing gymnastics since I was three years old. I continue the tradition left by my grandparents teaching artistic and acrobatics since I was sixteen to children and adults, from beginners to advanced. From five years I have been managing my sport association (@gymnastxasd) together with my mother and in this space I have also included aerial silks and lyra, which I try to develop thanks to the experience gained with years of sporting career behind me. For twelve years I have represented Italy in the major international equestrian vaulting competitions.
I followed the training course Kataklò Professional Coach of Accademia Kataklò by Giulia Staccioli, achieved levels one and two of Aerial Physique Teacher Training by Jill Franklin and attended numerous workshops with both Italian and foreign artists. I like to keep myself updated and see new realities in order to get ideas and mix the various styles and methodologies.
I try to leave a mark on the life of every person I meet, transmitting my passion for what I teach. I hope you will have a lot of fun during my lessons."


Elena Bosco


Class of 1986, star sign of libra, dynamic.
With dance and Yoga as her best companions of life, she came to professional circus training after having embarked on the path of social circus and specializing in hand balancing at Le Center des Art du Cirque Lido in Toulouse. The result of her artistic path is a practice of acrobatic dance and hand balancing. Hand balancer, contortionist, ballerina, agile hands and teacher of Vinyasa Yoga and Inversion flow.
Artist of the circus company MagdaClan of the company Zenhir and the company LadenClass.

Emma Panini


Emma studied contemporary dance and aerial fabrics from the age of 15 years. She moved to the Netherlands to study art and design where she began experimenting with the aerial hoop, pole dance and aerial hammock. Now she is one of the aerial dance teachers at the Female Arts Studio in Modena and the co-owner of the theater company Koinè. http://www.koineimpresa.com/ita/pages/chi_siamo


Linda Petracca


"Hi, I'm Linda! I'm a former rhythmic gymnast, a former dancer and a current Pilates teacher! I will share my Pilates lessons in preparation for the "acro" disciplines, working on flexibility, on holding and breathing! There will be no lack of laughter and moments of challenge, but we will always end with a wonderful relaxation!"

DSC_9503 copy.jpg

Federica Giannopolo


"My name is Federica Giannopolo and I am a cultivator of wellbeing and make use of various disciplines that over the years I was fortunate enough to get to explore deeply. Pilates, for a good muscular control and Yoga for balance. To get to know the body and mind, Aerial yoga, flying on a soft fabric and finally Acroyoga, teaching people to work together and to develop intelligent bodies, able to adapt to different situations in life and to have fun in an incredible way. I believe in the infinite connection with the whole and that each of us has her or his own journey to discover on this path called life. But I believe even more strongly that there is nothing more powerful than a smile and a hug to make all of this possible."


Lucia d'Angelo


My name is Lucia, alias Yoga Joya J. I divide myself between Italy and India, it never bores me! I have a teacher training school in hatha yoga and I love to collaborate with professionals yogis from all over the world to propose new experiences. My goal is to spread wellness with traditional methods seasoned with a hint of originality! I love life for what it offers and I am happy to be at Wap to meet a lot of new smiles and share my experience. https://www.yogajoya.com/


Stefano & Gio


"We like Acroyoga for the fun and for the smile of the people who do it. We are so happy to participate for the second year at WAP. We are looking very much forward to meet your energy and smiles! " https://www.facebook.com/acroyogacrew/


And more coming!